DVD Day: June 8th, 2010


?? The A-Team: The Complete Series
Dude. It comes in the van. Generally I hate wacky collector DVD cases, but this one’s a little too awesome. AND MR. T IS DRIVING AAAAAAAAAA.

? Tales of the Gold Monkey: The Complete Series
I’m told this is like Raiders of the Lost Ark the TV series, and thus deserves to be listed in DVD Day. If I find out otherwise I’m going to be rather irritated.

? Bleach Uncut Season 5: The Assault
More Bount crap. Whee.

? Not the Messiah
Eric Idle’s musical version/money grab based on Life of Brian which is more a concert than a proper musical. Hell, just read this, you’ll figure it out.

? Hot Wheels Battle Force 5: Season 1, Vol. 2
Yes, it is that shitty a DVD Day that I’m forced to list a goddamn Hot Wheels cartoon to pad out the listings, thanks for asking.

? Metal Man

I’ll let the amazing trailer speak for itself. Thanks to Paul F. for the tip.

? Power Kids
Listen to this plot description: “Pint-sized Wun and his older brother live at a Muay Thai school with a
few other students. Suffering from a failing heart, Wun is hospitalized
and in desperate need of a transplant. A viable heart becomes available,
but the donated organ is locked up in a hospital that has been
overtaken by a lethal terrorist faction. With only four hours to perform
the surgery, Wun’s brother and best friends, armed with Thai boxing
skills and determination, race to the hospital to take on the terrorists
and save his life.” Tell me that doesn’t sound totally fucking awesome.