Concrete, Umbrella Academy and More in the Works for TV Adaptations


Been a while since I heard anything about Concrete, Dark Horse’s more realistic and existential take on how a Badrock-like character might actually interact with the real world. It’s now one of four properties in development as part of a new deal between Dark Horse and Universal Cable Productions. I imagine the lead character would have to be fully CG, which seems an expensive proposition since the show is all about him.

Also in the works: The Umbrella Academy, once set to be a movie, created by the lead singer of My Chemical Romance; Harrow County, about a reincarnated witch; and Back Up, about humans backing up their souls in case of death, that they may simply be reinstalled.

My suspicion is that this deal also means you’ll see a Hellboy reboot sometime rather than a third movie. He’s kind of the big gun for DH, and has “shared universe” written all over him. They’d be nuts not to try monetizing again. Hella nuts, even. (I just gave you a free title for the porn parody, right there.)