TR’s Daily List Ideas: And the Winners Are…

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?Well. I think I’m going to call this contest a massive success. Besides all the lovely birthday wishes and kind words (all of which were much appreciated), you guys had some incredible ideas for TR lists — and when I say “you guys,” I pretty much mean all of you. I now have over 150 awesome list ideas which I’ll be asking my writers shortly to claim. Obviously, that’s way too much to honorably mention (I’d spend all day just formatting them) and it’s pretty much all of you, anyways. Plus, I don’t know which lists will actually get assigned — hopefully all of them, but it depends on who I can find writers for. So I pretty much have to leave this one a mystery for you guys; you’ll just have to keep reading TR to see if your list ideas were picked. So sorry about that (by which I mean I’m not sorry at all).

That doesn’t mean a few less constructive list ideas didn’t make me giggle. Here are a few:

Capt Ireland said:

? Top 10 reasons why Topless Robot will jump the shark

SafetyDance101 said:

? Top 10 banned mental institution practices to visit upon FFF writing for the the purposes of socio-behavioral correction

Bowlingpete said:

? Top 10 movies in which Sean Bean DOESN’T die (try to find 10!)

Blue Bebop said:

? Top 5 wines that compliment the flavor of Joss Whedon’s cock

Melefim said:

? Top 10 band names to come out of FFF
? Top 10 bizarre FFF euphemisms for genitalia

Guphynda said:

? Top 5 reasons why Alan Moore should be exempt from prosecution for his first murder

LJSLarsson said:

? Top 10 Alan Moore knock knock jokes

Palad said:

? The Top 10 People Rob Bricken Would Like to Punch Square in the Face

Edman said:

? Most out-of-place things found in the remains of Jean Gray’s vagina

I need to give a real Honorable Mention to two people in specific: Awesome-O 5000 and PJ. Awesome-O suggested a list of heroes and villains who are exactly the same, and then wrote the damn thing himself. It’s in the comments. I don’t need to write it at all. Then PJ suggested the 10 Most Horrifyingly Scarring FFFs of 2009, and, well…

Thing is, I already have the list made. Myself and two others spent
the last 3 weeks composing it. I really wish I were kidding, but I’m
not. I don’t think I have adequate space in this comment field to
explain the insanity that overcame us, but there it is.

We didn’t just go and look at a list of the FFFs and rank them by
memory, mind you. Oh no. That wouldn’t have done this project justice.
Instead we read through each of the 49 FFFs that were posted last year,
ranking them through the use of a scoring sheet we’d jointly created.
We averaged our scores to find the winners, and… honestly, I am
disgusted with myself for having ever concocted this idea, let alone
for roping in two other not-so-innocent souls, going through with it,
and damning all of us to an eternity in hell. We did find the 10 worst
FFFs of 2009, though, and I feel it will be criminal if we don’t get a
chance to share this with all of you.

PJ sent me the list. So you guys tell me — do you want to see it? It’s your call if you want to relive the worst moment of 2009’s FFF.

Also, another question — a lot of you guys suggested lists by me of my personal favorites: anime series, movies, toylines, whatever. Do you really want to see read some opinion pieces by me? Even if you did, I wouldn’t run them more than once every 4-6 months, because it seems weird. Anyways, let me know.

Winners are after the jump (finally).

As I said before, I found over 150 awesome Daily List ideas from the weekend’s contest. Trying to decide the best out of these was insane. Obviously, there were tons of incredible ideas and thus, to a large extent, I had to pick the winners randomly. Now, I do think that these lists are not just great ideas, but perfect for TR, so they certainly deserve to win — I’m just saying that many of you deserved to win as well. The best I could do was pick three:

Quixotico said:
? Top 5 best/worst super weaknesses

The Great A’tuin:

? Top 10 most egregious instances of fanservice in anime/manga

Gruntforglory said:

? Top nerd toys for developing nerd children

All three lists will be published on TR, even if I have to write them myself. Now here’s what I like about these lists — both Quixotico and the Great A’Tuin’s lists are perfect pop culture lists — exceedingly fun, funny, and certainly inviting that TR mean-spiritedness that we all love so well (plus, A’Tuin’s is a perfect excuse for sexy nerdery, which we all love). Gruntforglory’s isn’t necessarily hilarious, but it is shockingly informative and useful, which (I’m sure you’ll be shocked to know) I also like to run on TR once in a while, because I also think of TR as a database of how to be the best nerd you can be — like when the ladies described the best and worst nerd pick-up attempts).

Much thanks to everyone who entered — seriously this time, since you guys pretty much did my work for me — and again, don’t forget to let me know if you want PJ’s Worst FFFs of 2009 list and/or some Bricken specials in the comments.