Blaster Master’s Back, Baby


?Awesome! I tell you, when I first watched Beyond Thunderdome, I wasn’t sure –what? This isn’t about the lovable giant/midget combo from Mad Max? Oh.

Oooooooohhhhh. It’s the classic NES game, now getting a sequel called Master Blaster Overdrive for WiiWare. If you’ve ever played (and enjoyed) the original, I imagined you’ll be pretty excited for this — there’s driving, blasting… er, masting… at any rate, the car has its grapple cannon and a slew of other tech for the 2-D platforming, and there’s some seriously big bosses to take on in the top-down shooting portions. Apparently it’s available already available, meaning it’s entirely possible a TR reader has played it and finished it. My question to that person: What is the status of the frog?