Cartoon Network Wants Your Stupid Kids in Bed by 9pm

Which is assumably why they’ve announced that Adult Swim will be expanding by and hour and starting at 9pm beginning in 2011. That’s really all there is to it, although I’m kind of baffled why CN felt the need to announce this now in mid-February of 2010. Geeks of Doom, where I got the news, theorizes that the 9pm shows will be of the tamer, undoubtedly previously-broadcast-on-Fox nonsense like The Cleveland Show, since CN says Adult Swim’s edgier fare will stay late.

cheyenne snake.jpg

In unrelated Adult Swim news, they’re holding a contest to see which of eight new series they should pick up. This includes the fantastic show of M. Kupperman’s Tales to Thrizzle’s Snake n’ Bacon, which everyone should vote for. Unfortunately, they put it against a show called Cheyenne Cinnamon, about a dim, drug-addled, filthy pop star voiced by my beloved Neko Case, and thus I personally can’t do anything that might be against her wishes. You can see both episodes here, and then come back and bitch that Adult Swim is making you choose between them in round one. I sure did.