Chris Nolan Is Kind of Vaguely in Charge of a Superman Movie Reboot


?A lot of you have sent me the news that Warner Bros. has made Chris Nolan, director of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, in sort of advisory role on the next Superman movie. I appreciate it, but I don’t think we need to get too worked up about this. Here’s why:

? We have no idea how much power Nolan actually has. I’d be shocked if he got to veto plans outright, especially if WB hires a big-name or even medium-name director. It’s more likely he’ll just be a voice in the room when the executives — who have been fucking this up for years now — meet.
? More importantly, how often will he actually be in that room? He’s finishing Inception now, and then WB wants him to start on Batman 3 ASAP. I’d put down any amount of cash that between advising on Superman or making Batman 3, WB would rather he work on Batman.
? This Superman movie still doesn’t exist. There are no scripts, no directors, no ideas. All Nolan can even say at the moment is “Let’s not do something tremendously stupid,” which, while good advice, is kind of vague.

This obviously isn’t bad news, but let’s not think this means the second coming of the Superman movie franchise. Seriously, Nolan is out of that meeting room even one day, and that could be the day they hire Tyler Perry to play the son of Richard Pryor’s character from Superman III.