DC Presents The 100-Minutes War

There’s been a lot of DC coverage on Topless Robot recently, and I wanted to make sure you guys knew something funny wasn’t going on. Certainly there’s been plenty of months where I covered a bunch of Marvel comics news, while DC seemed to have nothing going on. But the truth is, recently, Marvel keeps making announcements of incredibly obvious Avengers (Cap? Thor? Really?) or teasing silhouettes of the Secret Avengers, and doing them each one incredibly obvious or totally unknown character at a time, as if they’re trying to make these announcements as inconsequential as possible. Meanwhile, DC is showing pictures of Batman dressed as a pilgrim getting ready to fuck up some witches, and now, this:


?DC’s next event after Brightest Day will be The War of the Superman, with Earth and Superman on one side, and new Krypton and all of its supermen and women on the other. Now, it’s not that this event is shocking, because even I knew it was coming, and I’m me. And it’s not that it’s DC’s next event, because I think we’re all tired of big comics events, even though they sell like hotcakes. It’s the way DC is doing the event — four issues, covering 100 minutes. Yes, the War of the Superman will be 100 minutes long, in four issues, that are all hitting in May. I think that’s awesome — they’re all by the same creative team, so it’s been planned ahead, and thus it can still be epic, but also short and sweet and not fuck around with god knows how many other titles. Even as a non-comics nerd, I appreciate the hell out of this — although I’m curious to know what you comics nerds think. And meanwhile, I still don’t know what Marvel’s Siege is, who’s in it, when it starts, or whether the good guys are sieging or being sieged.