DC’s New Publisher(s) Have Been Found, and… Uh…

didio lee.jpg

?From a press release over at DC’s Source blog:

DC Entertainment, founded in September 2009 to unleash the power of
the DC Comics library of characters across all media platforms, has
named its executive management team, including new co-publishers of DC
Comics and a Chief Creative Officer, as well as heads of
Sales/Marketing/Business Development and Finance/Administration. Diane
Nelson, President, DC Entertainment, made the announcement today.

The new senior executive team includes Jim Lee and Dan DiDio, who
have been named Co-Publishers of DC Comics, and Geoff Johns, who will
serve as Chief Creative Officer of DC Entertainment.

You know, I am fully aware that there are nerds far, far better to discuss both the pros and cons of these appointments than myself. So I’m just going to step back and let you people freak out. Slowly and carefully step back out of the room. No sudden movements.