DVD Day: February 2nd, 2010


?? Zombieland
If, for some reason you haven’t seen Zombieland yet and haven’t had the surprise spoiled for you — although that hardly seems possible — buy or rent Zombieland tonight. You’re living on borrowed time.

? Doctor Who: The Complete Specials
Well, more specifically, this set includes the complete Tennant specials, except it isn’t complete and only includes his final four specials (five if you count The End of Time as two). So it’s got The Next Doctor, Planet of the Dead, Waters of Mars, and The End of Time, specifically. All are sold separately, too.

? Planet Hulk
You know, if this does well, I really hope Lionsgate does World War Hulk as well. I really, really want to see Hulk beating the shit out of the Illuminati animated, don’t you?

? Universal Soldier: Regeneration
Starring Jean-Clause Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren. I think nothing more need be said.

? Ong-Bak 2: The Beginning
By all accounts Ong-Bak 2 is awesome. I’ll probably be posting the trailer for Ong-Bak 3 later, if that helps at all.

? Dragonball Season 3
Dragonball is better than Dragonball Z. There. I said it, and I won’t take it back.

? She-Wolf of London
Please don’t confuse this ’90s TV series with Isla, She-Wolf of the S.S. If you’re expecting one and get the other, either way, you’ll be immensely disappointed. And possibly offended beyond all measure.

? G.I. Joe: ARAH Season 1.3
All you need to know is that this set contains the episode “There’s No Place Like Springfield.”

? Hellboy: Sword of Storms and Blood and Iron
Both Hellboy animated specials on one Blu-ray. Convenient!

? Batman: Brave and the Bold Vol. 3
Look, we all know that B&tB will get a Complete Season 1 release at some point. I just wanted to take a minute to explain what happens in the five episodes for anyone who isn’t watching this cartoon. Aquaman and the Atom play Innerspace in Batman, and Aquaman rides one of Batman’s white blood cells; Batman goes to the Crime Syndicate universe and teams up with the good Joker, then comes home to find Owlman’s been masquerading as him; and then he meets Bronze Tiger, turns into a giant mystical bat, and punches a ghost pirate ship so hard it explodes. If that doesn’t sound like the awesomest thing ever, I don’t know what’s wrong with you.