TR Contest: Least Terrifying SF/Fantasy Movie Villain


It’s another week down. Obviously, NYCC’s going on this weekend, but don’t feel like you have to slave over your computers — I’ll be recapping all the best news on Monday, although any other announcement will be hard pressed to reach the bar set by those new Ghostbusters figures (as ToyFare editor, Friend of Topless Robot and 30 Rock enthusiast Justin Aclin pointed out, “I want to put my mouth on their mouth.”).

Anyways, I’ve got yet another TR t-shirt contest to keep you guys out of trouble and stop at least one of your from going topless — this time, it’s to name the least scary movie villain from sci-fi or fantasy movie (and why). I’m only allowing live-action this week, since we did cartoons last week. Oh, and here’s a warning: Keep it brief, or the spam filter might steal your entry, as it did many times last week. I’m going to keep an eye out, but you’ll likely be safe if you keep it under 250 words max.

The pic, of course, is The Darkness from Legend, who looks like Satan, but also like a friendly Satan heading to a gay bar (at least in the pic) — seemed a good icon for non-threatening bad guys. Remember, the rules are here, and the contest ends at 3 am EST on Monday the 9th. Have a good weekend, kids!