Hasbro Remains Resolute, Prepares for War, Makes Potato-Related Puns

Cobra resolute.jpg



??  Hasbro continues their G.I. Joe Resolute line with two seven-packs that feature a variety of Joes and baddies from Cobra — including a Baroness who apparently is in disguise as Lily Munster. The only thing that would make these figures better would be if they had a corresponding cartoon. Anyone at Adult Swim listening?


? Optimus and Bumblebee are looking great in this video of their War for Cybertron videogame tie-in toys shot for the Seibertron fan site. Try to ignore the audio on this clip, it will kill your fantasies that Toy Fair is nothing but glamour, freebies and hot nerd-on-nerd sex.


Tony Starch.jpg

?? There is no shortage of manufactured cuteness on display at this year’s Toy Fair. For their latest rebranding of Mr. Potato Head, Hasbro has turned the spud into Iron Man. Or, more specifically, Tony Starch. Perhaps cheesy marketing is the true cause of his comic book counterpart’s famed alcoholism.