It’s a Nice Day for a… White Lantern


?Um. So. Blackest Night #7 came out yesterday, and… well, it ended in a way I wasn’t expecting. No, not with a promotion for another free plastic Lantern ring from DC, since we all could guess that was happening; I just needed some art to put up top because the relevant art is a massive spoiler, and the comic only came out yesterday. So if you would like to know the rather surprising ending to Blackest Knight #7, hit the jump.

So remember how we all knew — not just TR readers, but pretty much everyone who’d ever picked up a DC comic in the last 20 years, figured out that Blackest Night was going to end with someone getting the powers of all the ROY G. BIV rings, becoming a White Lantern, and destroying all the Black Lantern zombies? Well, that happened. But the person who became the White Lantern wasn’t Hal Jordan.


?Fucking Sinestro, man.  We knew there had to be a White Lantern, but I don’t think anyone ever suspected it would be someone other than Hal… and certainly not Sinestro. But if all the color Lanterns are valid, Sinestro has just as much right to
become the White Lantern as Hal or any of the Green Lanterns — maybe moreso, since he was both the best Green Lantern and best Yellow Lantern in his career. Anyways, Geoff Johns and DC — well done. (Via DC’s Source)