Metal Gear Arcade Seems Kinda of Unsolid, Actually

Konami making an arcade version of its hit Metal Gear games? That’s news, right? Well, yes and no. Yes in that I was excited to post it, no in that when I watched the video, I lost all excitement. Except for a brief second of sneaking around in a box, there’s nothing that indicates to me that this is a Metal Gear game except maybe the gameplay — and Metal Gear‘s worst aspect is its actual gameplay. Now, I’ve enjoyed all the Metal Gear Solids because of the way creator Hideo Kojima uses the medium of videogames to make players feel emotions in ways impossible to replicate in other mediums, like with Psycho Mantis and The End and Raiden running naked while Fake Col. Campbell insults him. I don’t think any of that could be replicated in an arcade game where you fight other live opponents. Also, the box? If I’m playing MG Arcade, I’m blowing up every single box I see on principle. Wouldn’t you?