Ole Miss Students Order the Mon Calamari

The University of Mississippi, better known as Ole Miss, had this guy for a mascot:


?The probability that this dude is a Confederate-lovin’, probably-slave-ownin’ Southern gentlemen is unfortunately high, especially since his name is — I shit you not — “Johnny Col. Reb.” He was “retired” in 2006, and Ole Miss has been mascot-less since — although the university is currently holding a vote for a presumably less racist replacement. Currently in the lead is this guy:


?Admiral Ackbar.

This is so awesome I can barely stand it. I mean, I’m sure Ackbar will actually become the Ole Miss mascot shortly after Olivia Wilde and Megan Fox ask if they can wash my car in Slave Leia outfits; the money the university would have to pay Lucas for the image makes it all but impossible. Still, it’s awesome seeing nerds so well organized and effecting positive change, even if it’s just for a terrifyingly outdated school mascot. Now, if only someone could get the Redskins to change their names to the Washington Ewoks… (Via Geekosystem)