Another Amazing Lord of the Rings Fan Film!

Boy, I’d sure like to apologize to all those Tolkien nerds who first got mad at me for not knowing my non-Hobbit-and-basic-trilogy Tolkien arcana yesterday, but then got further upset when I told them that I was playing the haunting ballad “Look Into My Eyes (While I Masturbate)” just for them. That was wrong of me, and uncalled for, and I regret it.

I’d like to make it up to all you hobbits and elves and rangers and clerics and whatever. I’ve since discovered another awesome fan film based on the Lord of the Rings mythos; above is a small snippet from it. If I’ve done my research right, it’s from The Lays of Beleriand and the saga of Turin Turambar, which would put it…somewhere in the First Age, right? Tell you what — you guys just watch the video and let me know. Much thanks to Arsenal for the tip!