I Adore Endor’s Adornment: Lego’s Ewok Village


It may not be quite as iconic as Orthanc, but Lego’s version of this key Return of the Jedi location, packed with 17 minifigs, feels extra-special because it’s as much a tribute to the classic Kenner toy as it is to the movie, with secret slide, net capture and spit action features just like the original.

As a kid, I literally had to wait months to get the Kenner set – it was shipped to Ireland from the U.S. via surface mail, which pretty much meant they put it on a boat. My birthday was in the summer, and I didn’t get it till fall. Years later, I would use it as He-Man’s Eternos Palace (visually not a lot of sense there, but they needed a not-Grayskull base), and just like Kenner in a rerelease, I adapted it to Robin Hood after that.

At $250, it’s about the same price as the new Grayskull, funnily enough. And it has “skulls” of its own – the Imperial heads used for drums at the end of the movie. I know it’s PC to say they were just helmets, but I always imagined severed heads in there.

Then again, when the first Star Wars came out, I was young enough to think that all the Stormtroopers were actually being killed, but it was okay because they were probably convicted criminals who were getting the death penalty anyway. I was weird. But you knew that.

Video of all the set’s features after the jump:

via Geekosystem