TR’s Smallville: Absolut(e) Justice Live-Blog

absolute justice.jpg

?As promised, I will be live-blogging tonight two-hour Smallville special. Now, frankly, despite me finding Smallville too silly to watch many years ago, I have no animosity for the show, having heard both good things about it and bad things. I also have no animosity for Geoff Johns, who wrote these episodes and a previous one, which I’m told by even the haters was a series highlight. Admittedly, I also personally think the JSA is kind of goofy, but I regularly read a manga about a pirate made of rubber, so I’m willing to admit I’m not necessarily the ultimate arbiter of nerd taste. Point is this should be very different from a Heroes live-blog in that I’m not looking for ways to end my life the whole time.

That said, 1) it’s Friday night, 2) I have to work, 3) I’m being snowed in as I type, and 4) I’m about to watch two hours of Smallville starring the JSA. I’m not going to be even close to sober for this thing. I’ll be posting the live-blog in this article, so you can bookmark it if you want; after the show is over, I’ll be moving it below the TR Contest, in case anyone wants to re-live the experience. I’ll bring the corn, and you guys bring your favorite cucumbers, and we meet back here at 7:55. Break!