Well, at Least Thor’s Still Blond

Since Planet Hulk came out last week, a trailer for Marvel and Lionsgate’s next direct-to-DVD cartoon movie was included, that being Thor: Tales of Asgard. It’s about young Thor searching after the sword of Surtur and getting Asgard into a war with the frost giants or something or other. I’m trying to avoid my traditional bitchings nowadays (with a limited amount of success, admittedly) so let me try and bring up my thoughts through the new information this trailer presents to us.

? I’m not thrilled about watching a Thor adventure where he doesn’t have Mjolnir. I mean, if I’m paying for Thor, I’m generally paying for hammer-time as well. Still, this movie is about young Thor, so I can let it go.
? I do like seeing Thor and Loki as brothers, before they were bitter enemies. That’s cool.
? I am very concerned about Thor’s line “That sword has taken its last life!”  and Loki’s “We’re royalty, we’re not made for adventure!” These are Norse gods we’re talking about here. The only thing more ridiculous than Thor not being ready for adventure — even as a tyke — is him worrying that a weapon is too dangerous. even if you take into account that these are the Marvel versions of Thor and crew, doesn’t this seems preposterously out of character? Shouldn’t Thor get rid of Mjolnir and stay home to watch the Puppy Bowl repeats if he’s so worried about weapons and incapable of going on adventures? (Via Geeks of Doom)