Zatanna and Kamandi, Sittin’ in a Tree

zatanna kamandi.jpg

Actually, they’re sitting at Mattel’s showroom at the NY Toy Fair. I totally forgot that I’d announced the line-up for DC Universe Classics wave 14, but never showed pics of ’em. Obviously, that’s Zatanna and Kamandi up above, and if you head to this page over at ASM, you can see Hourman, Gold, Tyr, Golden Age Green Lantern, Obsidian, and the build-a-figure Ultra-Humanite. Also obviously, Zatanna and Kamadi will be the ones I pick up, assuming I ever see them in toy stores, which is no guarantee. I swear, after last week’s Matty-Collector/Trap-Jaw/Battle Cat debacle and the general unavailability of DCUC figures for pretty much the beginning, I wonder if Mattel actually wants to sell any of their toys to people at all.