The Tower of Omens Isn’t Doing It For Me

Bandai released a lot of pics of its new ThunderCats line; you can check them all out at ToyNewsI, but since the only thing we really haven’t got a good look at is the Tower of Omens playset, I thought I’d give it a gander. Turns out: It kind of sucks.


?? First, as you can see from the picture, there appears to be two paint apps on the entire set, specifically of the blue symbols on top of the tower and the eyes of the cat-head gate. Everything looks cheap as hell.
? Obviously, the tower and the front gate are separate, making it less a playset than two parts of a theoretically better playset that does not exist in our dimension.
? It comes with a clear Lion-O figure. If I could punch the Bandai executive responsible for making this decision in the dick, I would. Twice. Clear variants suck, even when they make sense. There are maybe going to be five kids in America who are excited by a clear Lion-O figure, and they don’t have any friends.
? Like all the figures, clear Lion-O has some kind of magnet inside him that triggers sounds and lights in both the tower and giant cat-head gate. This is kind of cool, but all the other non-clear ThunderCats figures supposedly do this too, so again, fuck clear Lion-O.
? The tower has an elevator feature and a slide feature. If that makes up for everything else is up to you (answer: No, it doesn’t).
? Whether the playset comes with the badly photoshopped severed upper torso of a young child is unknown at this moment, but I wouldn’t count on it, personally.