Asimov’s Foundation Stands… for Now


?Roland Emmerich, director of the tremendously stupid but guilty pleasure for many Independence Day, as well as the cinematic abomination that was the U.S. Godzilla, has long optioned Isaac Asimov’s Foundation sci-fi books for a movie. Since the Foundation books are about old scientists who save humanity by manipulating a new dark age over a thousand years and Emmerich makes dumb, loud movies in the vein of a less talented Michael Bay, this sucks. Happily, Emmerich is now moving ahead with some other movie called Anonymous instead of Foundation. So we’re spared… for a little bit.

But please, don’t stop being afraid. Not only Emmerich’s hired the hack who did The Patriot to write the script — which Emmerich proudly states now has a hero and a villain — but he wants to do it all in 3-D and motion capture CG. If you hear a faint buzzing sound, that would be Isaac Asimov’s corpse rotating and several hundred RPMs in his grave. (Via io9)