R.I.P. Ray Bradbury, 1920-2012


Science fiction author Ray Bradbury passed away this morning at the age of 91. Of course, when I say “science fiction author,” that barely begins to cover it — Bradbury is one of the greatest sci-fi authors who ever lived, writing classic such as Fahrenheit 451, The Martian Chronicles, Something Wicked this Way Comes, and so many more; books that aren’t just celebrated by nerds like ourselves, but are actually taught in schools when teachers don’t actually want to bore their students. He’s received countless awards, from the National Medal of Arts, the World Fantasy Lifetime Achievement Award, an Emmy, a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the French Order de Arts et des Lettres medal, was named a Science fiction Writers of America Grand Master, and more. He has both a park and an asteroid named in his honor, and there’s a crater on the moon named after one of his works. The SFWA award for screenwriting was named for him — he has his own award. Oh, and there’s this.

Obviously, Bradbury’s contribution of sci-fi cannot be overstated, but he was a powerful force in American fiction as well. He was one of a kind, and will be sorely missed by nerds around the world. (Via io9)