“Avatar Is the Most Demonic, Satanic Film I’ve Ever Seen.”

…and it looks like gin for breakfast again. I don’t know how Avatar is managing to still inspire such insanity, but now this pastor is certain it is the work of Satan. I’m curious how that works. Is Dances with Wolves or Disney’s Pocahontas satanic, since Avatar has the exact same story? Is Transformers 2 satanic, since The Beef goes to Fake Autobot Heaven and gets resurrected? (Answer: Probably.) Does this make James Cameron a knowing agent of the devil, and is this why he keeps talking about making a Battle Angel Alita movie but never doing it? (Prince of Lies!) And what about moves that actually include Satan, like that recent but unpopular Legion film? Aren’t those more satanic than Avatar, kind of by default?

And most importantly, why do people think Avatar teaches anyone anything? It’s about blue cat-men who have hair tentacles. That doesn’t seem satanic, just kind of gross. (Via FilmDrunk)