Behind the Scenes of the Star Trek Movie — No, the First One

I don’t know where Geek Tyrant found this neat behind-the-scenes documentary of the first 1979 Star Trek film — apparently it’s not on any of the special edition DVDs — but it’s fascinating. Not just to see them building the Enterprise, but assembling the sets, filming Vulcan, and hanging with the crew.

Although I have to wonder why they decided to include the footage of Persis Khambatta — who played the bald alien Ilia — get her head shaved for the role. Mostly because she’s actually crying during it. And instead of cutting away, or even not filming it, the camera just stays on her, as her head gets slowly shaved, and she keeps on crying. It’s incredibly awkward and kind of sad. And it doesn’t help when Gene Roddeberry shows up at the end to give her an electric razor. Yeesh. Thanks to Snoodle for the tip.