The Man with the Iron Fists Who Can’t Afford the Full Animated Sequence Kill Bill Had

The RZA knows his kung fu movies, that’s without question. But since he worked on Kill Bill’s soundtrack and The Man with the Iron Fists is being produced by Quentin Tarantino himself, I think it’s safe to say the RZA took a bit of inspiration from his predecessor’s work — case in point, this small animated prequel, much like O-ren Ishii’s origin segment in Bill. I’m not bothered that the Iron Fists‘ version more of a motion comic, because it’s still quite pretty, or that it’s a prequel to the entire film, rather than part of the movie proper, because it’s still cool. What I am bothered about is that I’m still goddamn waiting on the Kill Bill special edition Blu-ray. It’s been eight years, Tarantino. Would you please fucking concentrate for a little bit? (Via Twitch)