Civilization 5, Now with Extra Civilization

I think this means all the units know which one is the salad fork or something. I’m assuming you guys are interested in a new Civ game, right? I had nerd friends in college who could have given up heroin if it meant they could keep playing Civilization 2, so I’m sure some of you are excited. Me, I’m too much of a sissy for RTS games for all that resource management; I need turns or if it’s more complicated than Romance of the Three Kingdoms II for SNES I get stressed out. Still, my love watching Romans kicking other cultures’ asses is pretty intense, so maybe I’ll give this thing a try anyways.

Update: So sorry for the error. It’s obviously been a while since I’ve played. Also, I blame your 622 contest entries, which I was judging at the same time I wrote this. So there. It’s partially your fault, too.