Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Trailer has Cheesy Acting, Superb Slicing

I still remember when the Metal Gear games were about hiding. Stealth is not a word I’d use to describe this action.


Raiden’s internal monologuing during the cinematic at the beginning reminds me of a high-school drama student trying to sound psychotic. But skip to the actual gameplay at about 3:30, and he busts out a sword that cuts through everything, repeatedly, from battle mechs to internal organs. It’s as if the programmers knew video games were going to get blamed for gun violence, so they made sword violence ten times more bloody instead.

It works. I don’t often have time to play games, but I want this. Because when sword-disembowelment games are outlawed, only rogue military cyborgs will have sword-disembowelment games. And that wouldn’t be fair.

Trailer after the jump…

h/t SlyDante