Iron Man’s Other Demon In a Bottle


?Would you buy Iron Man cologne? Marvel and parfumerie Diesel think you will, despite your protestations to the contrary. This ever-so-stylish bottle is pretty much just Diesel’s “Only the Brave” cologne repackaged and sold for $67 for 75 milliliters to coincide with Iron Man 2. I don’t know what “Only the Brave” smells like, but ComicsAlliance’s Laura Hudson figures “In our imagination, l’aroma de Stark involves the scent of crisp hundos,
mixed with new car smell, motor oil, and Axe body spray. Which is to
say masculine and slightly industrial, with just a splash of douchebag.” An excellent guess, but I think that a true Tony Stark cologne would be full of pure Grey Goose vodka, which he squirts into his mouth when he thinks no one’s looking. What do you guys think?