Stop Emailing Me About the @#$%ing Batman-in-High School Cartoon


?DEAR EVERYONE: I AM AWARE OF GOTHAM HIGH, THE BATMAN-IN-SCHOOL CARTOON THAT WAS PITCHED BUT NOT MADE. You can stop emailing me about it. I knew about it when Nerd Bastards reported on it on Sunday. I don’t know why I have been choosing not to report on it, other than I remain unconvinced it isn’t a hoax. I disagree that it’s a secret test to gauge nerd opinions on a possible Batman-in-High School cartoon, because that would require studios to give a shit about what nerds think, and that doesn’t seem likely — especially on a show so obviously geared to kids. As for the premise itself, I don’t really mind — yes, it’s very silly and goofy, but it’s still less upsetting to me than Batman pissing his pants, and no one’s going to try to pretend it’s in continuity. On the other hand, I’ve received nine million emails about this fucking non-existent cartoon, and I woke up in a bad mood anyways, so fuck Gotham High. If I’m going to see Batman, I better see Batman being Batman, not in fucking math class.