Man Makes Life-Size Bioshock 2 Statue with a Chainsaw

No, that’s not a joke — some Japanese dude, while wearing a Jason-approved hockey mask the entire time, used his terrifyingly superior chainsaw skills to make a life-size sculpture of the Big Daddy you play in Bioshock 2 (also he uses a little fire). It’s not made out of one huge hunk of wood, but I’m not going to fault him for it, especially when you see him do the detail work. Yes, he has a small chainsaw, but for fuck’s sake, he even makes the rivets in the armor! It’s madness. I’m glad this dude has chosen wood to work with instead of, you know, flesh — but if he starts cutting up people, I say we let him do it, at least for a little while. Just to see what he makes. (Via Geekologie)