Star Wars Angry Birds Figures, Kenner Style, for Comic-Con


I like Star Wars toys.

I like Angry Birds.

I like Star Wars Angry Birds.

I have never yet felt the need to own any merchandise related to this crossover.

This Comic-Con set from Hasbro is looking kinda cool, though, mainly due to the packaging. And at $24.99 for 12 figures, it’s actually a rare bird – an exclusive that’s a good deal! I imagine the figures are pretty small for that to be the price point, but still – reasonable. Considering the Birds are going to have an animated movie soon that isn’t Disney, I’m happy to see the Mouse House isn’t banishing stuff like this down the Sarlacc memory hole just yet.

I’m also happy that Hasbro aren’t being total jerks and throwing in a rare variant with a vinyl cape or something.

via i09