Suicide Squad Movie Has Its Harley Quinn


Margot Robbie, the hottie from Wolf of Wall Street whose charms induce Leonardo DiCaprio to ditch his wife, will be the apple of another sociopath’s eye in the upcoming DC Comics adaptation. Collider is reporting that she’s set to be Harley Quinn, while Jared Leto is in talks (but not confirmed) to be the Joker.

I don’t have much of an opinion on Robbie as Harley – frankly, I’ve always found Harley to be an irritating character who makes the Joker less interesting just by existing, but that’s clearly a minority view – more recently it seems DC just has her drawn to be fantasy material, and Robbie certainly played that to the hilt in Wolf, though her performance showed she could be more than just the ample eye candy.

Leto as the Joker, if it happens, is more interesting – like Heath Ledger before him, he doesn’t seem obvious, yet comes to the table as a solid actor whom one would expect to handle any role well. He could be the first onscreen Joker to truly be as thin as the comic version. And yeah, since Batman in the new DC cinematic universe is a veteran who’s been around a while, it makes sense to also show the Joker – and maybe Harley too – as pre-existing.

I just hope when they make the inevitable movie action figure, you can put your weed in it.