Now DC Wants You to Rub and Smell Harley Quinn


What they MEAN is that they’re doing a scratch-and-sniff comic, even though they can’t legally call it that, so they came up with the extremely unfortunate substitute wording of “Rub-and-Smell.” Because, just like when they had a contest to draw Harley naked and suicidal, nobody there apparently has any radar for what does and doesn’t sound utterly awful to the world at large. Seriously, DC should just hire Beavis and Butt-head as a focus group and they’d figure it out. Think about it:

“Hey guys, we’re going to do a Harley Quinn comic that you rub and smell…”
“Huh-huh-huh, Uhhhh…can we rub and thmell her boobs?”
“Yeh, heh-heh, I’m gonna rub and smell myself!”
“Okay, never mind.”

The scents will include the leather jacket she wears as part of the Bombshells costume (which will be featured in the comic), suntan lotion, pizza and a “mysterious compound” that Bleeding Cool says is marijuana. That last one will be changed for international editions because, says Amanda Conner, “Let’s just say we didn’t want to alarm the dogs at customs.” So yeah, it’s probably weed.

Well, she is pretty smokin’, after all.