More Crafts of Warcraft

really malthred.png

?Let me point out that I think DC Direct’s World of Warcraft toys are great. They have great sculpting and great paint jobs, so much so that more than makes up for the lack of articulation. If I were at all into WoW, I would buy these things in a heartbeat. But since I’m not, all I can do is marvel at the characters’ incredibly stupid names. Now, Garona the Orc Rogue is certainly the most normal of the bunch (above left, although I find it disturbing that female orcs can be sexy). But check the other figures in the series over at ToyNewsI, which include:

? Worgen Spy Garm Whitefang
? Human Paladin Judge Malthred (above right)
? Troll Hunter Taz’Dingo
? Orc Warrior Garrosh Hellscream

Ignoring the whole wolfman-who’s-a-spy (although it seems to me he could only spy in very limited situations), Judge Malthred? More ridiculously, Taz’Dingo? Did someone’s kid do a report on animals of Australia that day? I won’t make fun of Garrosh Hellscream, because I grew up next to Kyle and Ryan Hellscream, of the Connecticut Hellscreams. The Hellscreams are good people.