New Transformers Cartoon Bumblebee Revealed; John Turturro Puts on a Raincoat

We know that there’s going to be a new Transformers cartoon at some point this summer. We were all hoping that it would somehow tie into the wonder and majesty of the G1-ish but still updated and unique War for Cybertron videogame and toys. It only made sense, right? Well, not to Hasbro.

new bumblebee.jpg

?You’re looking at the new cartoon’s Bumblebee, who is very clearly Bayformers movie bumblebee, juts a bit cuter and less cluttered (he’s part of a cover for Brandweek magazine, hence the odd positioning). I’m disappointed, but I’m not going to dismiss the new cartoon entirely yet. We’ll see if there’s an animated The Beef running around screaming “Nononononononono!” first, and then we’ll dismiss it entirely. (Via The Allspark)