New Who-a-Palooza

Over the weekend, not one, not two, but three new Doctor Who clips premiered. io9 has both the opening scene of the first episode of the new season (featuring the Doctor hanging on to the TARDIS for dear life), and an extended version of the season five trailer I posted a few days ago with some great new footage, but I chose the above clip from Digital Spy, part of the sixth episode “Vampires in Venice,” because it really makes me dig Matt Smith the most, and get the most excited for his Doctor. I like that Smith’s Doctor is really fucking goofy, scatter-brained, and while obviously competent, not as hyper-competent as Tennant’s Doctor. And I like that he’s far more excited by the new and weird; Tennant’s Doctor was always wistfully looking over new worlds as if he’d already seen them and was just sharing them, but here Smith’s Doctor meet vampires and is just infectiously happy about it. It reminds me of Eccleston’s gleefully insane Doctor, but more… British? I don’t know, but I’m really, really digging it.