DVD Day: January 5th, 2010


?? Chuck: The Complete Second Season
I watched the first season of Chuck and thought it was just all right, so I missed the second season. According to all reports, the second season got awesome very quickly, and now season 3, which debuts on TV Sunday, looks awesome as well. I plan on rejoining Chuck immediately, and catching up on season 2 ASAP. You probably should too.

? Doctor Who: The Keys of Marinus and The Twin Dilemma
So, Marinus is a six-episode story featuring the very first Doctor, William Hartnell, and The Twin Dilemma is a four-episode story and I believe the first appearance of the Fourth Doctor, Colin Baker. I think.

? Superfriends: Season One Vol. 1
This is the one with Marvin and Wendy. I feel certain this has been released before, but possibly not. I don’t care enough to check, mainly because fuck Marvin and Wendy.

? Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures
Ah, this is the crazy ’80s Mighty Mouse cartoon from Ralph Bakshi and Ren & Stimpy’s Jophn Kricfalusi. Includes all 19 episodes which aired before it got yanked off the air for being too trippy.

? The Last Starfighter: 25th Anniversary Edition
On Blu-ray, with a “bonus” DVD version. Why do studios do this? Drives me crazy. Did they offer free VHS cassettes with DVDs when they first came out? Erg. Oh, and space aliens — if you need someone good at the Ataru 2600’s Megamania to save your race from destruction, I’m a little rusty, but I’m still your guy.

? Battlestar Galactica Season One
On Blu-ray for the first time, unless you count the complete series set. Which you should. Basically it’s for the people who bought seasons 3 and 4 on Blu-ray and need to upgrade their earlier seasons.

? Akiballion: Battlemaids of Akihabara
Three Japanese girls dressed like Power Rangers in short skirts. A DVD labeled “unrated” and selling for $15. Do I sense horrible Japanese softcore? I believe I do.

? Street Fighter: Extreme Edition
See this masterpiece in HD and rediscover the fucking miracle that this 1994 flick starring Jean-Claude Van Damme is better than that recent Chun Li movie. Comes with a free DVD copy, in case you want to throw it at somebody or something.