Good News: New 6″ Indiana Jones Figure. Bad: It’s an Import


After Hasbro botched the last batch of domestic Indiana Jones figures with quality control that only seemed to kick in after stores stopped ordering them (as Henry Sr. might put it, they left off just when they were getting interesting), it seems like it’ll be a while before we see anything more that isn’t in the Sideshow stratosphere when it comes to price. And that’s only if you want 12″ scale. Collectors who prefer 6-inchers have had to make do with Disney park exclusive figures that really weren’t the best in quality.

Figma’s version isn’t perfect – the head sculpt looks like an older Ford using hair dye – but it’s pretty good (no dog Indiana here) and the best we’re likely to get for a while. In a nod to fan complaints, he features accessories from the first three movies – fertility idol, Sankara Stone and Holy Grail – as if the fourth did not exist at all, save for the slight aging in his face.

Also he has a posable whip. That’s a nice touch.

The only question is how much fortune and glory you’ll have to part with in order to find time to love this Dr. Jones.

h/t troi