Nice Suitcase


?First of all, the good news: there’s going to be a 6-inch, Marvel Legends-sized Iron Man 2 movie toyline, and it’s going to include Tony Stark in his awesome suitcase armor, seen above, and also known as the Mark V. Now, the bad news: this line is going to be a Wal-Mart exclusive. Goddammit. I hate store exclusive toys, and now that entire toylines are becoming exclusive and not just certain figures in those toylines, it’s getting even more absurd. As far as I know, the only three figures in this 6-inch series will be this guy, the Mark VI (that’s the new armor with the triangle arc reactor) and War Machine, which most of us will never see on pegs. Thanks for the awesome figures we’ll never get, Hasbro. Much appreciated. (Via Marvelous