Nintendo Announces the 3-DS


?Are you buying the new Nintendo DSi XL this week? Moron. Even Nintendo thinks you shouldn’t buy it, or they probably wouldn’t have announced the next Nintendo DS product, due out either later this year or early next. I mean, I’m sure they won’t mind if you give them your money, but the next DS will apparently be 3-D, somehow without the need for players to wear 3-D glasses, and be compatible with all other DS software. Seems like buying the new big small DSi would be kind of silly. There are more details (and educated guesses) on the 3-DS over at Kotaku, which also provided the silly art.

Speaking of silliness, is anyone excited about this new thing? Even if Nintendo does manage to pull off 3-D without glasses, wouldn’t it be cooler on a real/big TV and a console, as opposed to a smaller handheld device? I’m just getting a big Wii vibe off of this — it’ll be cool for a while, probably a long while, but eventually gamers and studios alike will get bored with it, and Nintendo will have to move on to some other gimmick.