All Most of Street Fighter 4’s Ultra Moves in One Handy Video

Okay. You’re going to see other videos proclaiming they have all of SF4′s Super moves. Don’t watch that. Watch this one with the Ultra moves. One, because the Ultra moves are indeed more powerful and cooler-looking than the Super moves, and two, because the Super moves are exactly like the moves from the original Street Fighter II and thus are incredibly boring to watch (which seems to be a recurring problem with SF4, if you ask me). While these are slightly longer combos inspired by the Super moves, they are mildly exciting, with the exception of Ryu, who just shoots a goddamn Hadouken. Really, Ryu? That’s all you got? New girl C. Viper can kick you so hard her shoes catch on fire. Take your headband and your duffle bag and go home.