Sony Reveals the WiiStation or Something


Or the PlayStation Move, which is Sony’s PS3 motion controller, and for all intents and purposes a Wii-Mote. It’s due out in fall, and is used with the PlayStation Eye camera which is already out. Kotaku has a good article on it, but I can sum it up for you:

Good Things:
? Better motion tracking than Wii
? Longer, rechargable batteries than the Wii-Mote in both controllers
? It’ll be motion control for a system that doesn’t look like a GameCube

Bad Things:
? I stopped giving a shit about Motion Control a year and a half ago

I know many of you enjoy your Wiis immensely (hee hee!) and I don’t begrudge you that. But for me, the lack of PlayStation 3-level graphics were not the reason I got bored with the Wii; it’s the with the exception of a few first-party games (e.g. Super Mario Galaxy) no one really knew how to make a game for the controls that wasn’t just a regular game with a few motion-control gimmicks thrown in. The same people who are making Wii games will be making PS Move games, and frankly, Sony’s not have the game developer Nintendo is. So the games may be prettier, but I don’t think they’ll be any less dull to me. Is anyone losing their mind over this thing?