Super Terrific Japanese Thing: Pasta Fork


?Okay, this isn’t the most mind-blowing Super Terrific Japanese Thing ever… but it is mind-blowing to me. The Japanese have created a new utensil? That shit is fucked up, yo. It’s like adding a new letter to the alphabet or something — you just can’t do it. Sure, it’s not a bad idea on its own — another little tine on another plane would surely help twirl pasta more effectively — but are mouths prepared for this? Wouldn’t people stab themselves in the mouth and cheeks constantly with this tiny instrument of death? Moreover, who the hell gave the Japanese the right to start fucking with the utensil system we’ve been using for centuries? Look, the planet hasn’t even fully accepted the spork yet. I refuse to discuss the pasta fork until we settle the matter of the spork. (Via Gizmodo)