The Iron Man 2 Figures Are… Well…


?I’ve been waiting to show off Iron Man 2 movie figures until there was a wave that wasn’t all mono-colored mecha, most of which was from the first movie toyline anyways. Hasbro has obliged with these Wave 2 figures above, to be released throughout 2010, and I’m trying to remember why I was excited. Clearly, whatever savants are working wonders in 3 3/4-inch-scale in the Star Wars line were not called up to make the Iron Man 2 toys; these look… like 3 3/4-inch action figures, just from 2002 or something. I tried to get myself excited by saying this was the first Scarlett Johansson figure, but then I remembered Hot Toys did an amazing 12-inch Silken Floss from The Spirit. So then I thought about Mickey Rourke as Whiplash, but he had a toy as Marv in Sin City. Then I realized this was the first figure of Sam Jackson as Nick Fury, but then I realized that Ultimate Nick Fury look exactly like Sam Jackson anyways, so that Marvel Legends Ultimate Nick Fury from a couple of years ago is probably more accurate. So… say hello to what I believe is the first ever Don Cheadle action figure.

…yay? (Via Comics Alliance)