The New Doctor Doesn’t Know How to Work the TARDIS

I kid, I kid. It’s not like the Tenth Doctor didn’t have his share of TARDIS mishaps, and this doesn’t seem nearly so unreasonable as getting hit by a Space Titanic. At any rate, here’s the first actual clip from the first episode of Doctor Who starring Matt Smith as the Doctor, trying to fix his TARDIS and chatting with a young future companion Amy Pond. Overall, the short clip isn’t blowing my mind with awesomeness, but neither does it make me worried. Of course, it is very short.

I tell you what does make me excited, though — Steven Moffat. As those who follow me on Twitter know, I finally caught Moffat’s Jekyll series earlier this week and was just blown away. It was like a mini-Lost, full of suspense and mysteries and awesome moments and a great dual performance by James Nesbitt. It went off the rails a bit at the end, but that’s certainly something I’m used to with Doctor Who, so now I’m really looking forward to this new season.