TR Contest: Spell of Cinematic Protection

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?Most of us have likely had the feeling of a beloved nerd franchise getting ruined by adapting it into a movie. Whether it’s a comic, a cartoon, a TV series, or a book — lots and lots books — we’ve all been burned by the Transformers movie, movie Deadpool, and more. So today’s contest is this: you have a magic spell which you can only cast once, but it means that the franchise/character/book/game/whatever will never, ever be made into a movie. What do you pick?

Please note that this is retroactive, so if you want to say Deadpool or Transformers, you can. But also note this does mean you’d only get a good movie — you’re taking whatever you select off the table forever. For instance, I’d hate to see a bad Masters of the Universe movie, but I want to see a good one enough that I can’t select it. But Foundation? Not only should those books never be a movie, I would gladly never watch a Foundation movie if it meant Roland Emmerich couldn’t get his little grubby paws on it.

So think about it, because you only get one entry, and it is eternal. Also, the contest ends on Monday the 8th at 12:01 am (I’d rather as many people get a chance to enter as possible, and I’ll just continue bitching about it). Please, have a good weekend — try not to piss on any toilet seats, and try to make your peace with your god or gods, because The Other Story is coming next Friday. You’ve been warned.