Jack the Giant Slayer Breaks out the Big Guys


The movie’s Facebook page has revealed the giants mentioned in the title of the upcoming fairy-tale adaptation, in which Nicholas Hoult (Beast in X-Men: First Class) takes on oversized opponents. Between this and the CG caveman Nicolas Cage in The Croods…I’m not sure I can tell the difference.

I do have faith in Bryan Singer – every movie of his I’ve seen has had something to like, and I would have liked to see him do a Superman sequel unburdened by either Richard Donner baggage or Super-Kid. But I’m losing faith in his production design team – these giants (see the rest after the jump) look like the ugliest latex puppets at a low-rent craft fair of the damned. Or troll dolls that’ve had a haircut. Gelflings on steroids, anyone?

If you’re wondering why it says “Fee,” on the poster above, you’ll get the idea once you see them all…





Jack the Giant Slayer opens March 1st.