What the What? Another Star Wars Cartoon?


?Okay, let me be clear here — this is a rumor, a rumor being announced by one site. So I don’t think we need to freak out in bliss or anger or anything yet. However, since I know I’d get a jillion emails if I didn’t report it, here it is anyways: IESB says that they have exclusive information that Lucasfilm is working on a new Star Wars cartoon for Cartoon Network, this is one to be based on Hasbro’s lil’-kid friendly Galactic Heroes toyline. Of course, they also say the cartoon will be called “Squishies,” which sounds not all like Star Wars or Galactic Heroes or anything not awful.

The horrible title aside, the only reason I’m running this rumor is because it is very plausible. Marvel’s Super Hero Squad show seems to be doing fine, and I don’t know why a Star Wars one wouldn’t. What I wonder is if it would be set in the prequels, or the original trilogy. I assume the former, but if it were the latter, I’d probably impregnate Ms. Robot immediately, just so I could have a child and an excuse to watch. Anyways, take this news with a massive boulder of salt, and assume even if it does get made it’ll be about lil’ Anakin and Ahsoka and more Clone Wars. There’s way too much awesomeness that would have to be achieved for anything else to happen.