A Hard Brightest Day’s Blackest Night


?As alluded to in Jill’s awesomely silly Daily List, DC’s Blackest Night finally ended this week, and Brightest Day is about to start. Of course, Blackest Night ended with a few… let’s just call them additions, which might be of interest to nerd-dom at large — although that means spoilers abound after the jump.


As revealed on DC’s Source blog (or, you know, the actual Blackest Night #8 comic), that white light brought back 12 DC heroes and villains from the dead: Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Firestorm, Maxwell
Lord, Captain Boomerang, Jade, the Reverse-Flash, Hawk, Osiris and…
uh… Deadman. I am personally very confused about how and/or why Deadman was brought back to life, but I suspect I’m supposed to be.

While you might suspect that this is just a way for DC to to a little house-cleaning — mainly by sweeping those unsightly character deaths back under the sofa — Geoff Johns promised that they’re all back for a reason. I don’t know how important or vague that reason is, but I do like the idea of these guys being brought back with a specific purpose as opposed to “just cause.” Resurrection should be about more than a reward for good behavior, although if Wonder Woman snaps Max Lord’s neck again in the first couple of pages in Brightest Day #1, I’ll probably never stop laughing.