All You Need Is Kill


?AnimeVice reports that the Japanese light novel — which generally means a regular novel with a few pictures in it — All You Need Is Kill has been optioned by Warner Bros. This is noteworthy for several reasons:

? The story is about a soldier who keeps reliving the same day over and over — except it’s the day he dies in a massive interstellar war. His only hope is improving his combat skills day by day until he can break the cycle. Basically, it’s Groundhog Day but with aliens and violence. This sounds totally fucking awesome.
? The book is called All You Need Is Kill. This is also totally fucking awesome.
? Seriously, how good does this book have to be that despite being Japanese it gets optioned not by a Japanese movie company, but by Warner Bros.? Japanese movies and manga are one thing, but you can’t hand a Japanese novel to an American movie executive and have them understand anything about it. Madness, man.